GGC-The coveted brilliance of the decades

Charting the route of the silver lining on the golden route of progress, our journey has assayed a number of years to reach this supremacy. Gujarat Gold Centre (GGC), indulges in providing state-of-the-art assaying and refining of scrap gold/silver as well as manufacture bars and coins of 999.0 fineness on process charge basis.

While it is now reckoned as the premier gold/silver refiners and bar producers in bullion trade, it can be traced back to the ’90s.

GGC was first established as a registered Partnership Firm after the repayment of Gold Control Act in 1991. By the year 2000, we came to be recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and acquired a IS/ISO 9002 Quality System Certification, as one of the ‘Assaying and Hallmarking Center”, out of a total number of five present in the country, for gold jewelry and artefacts.

It was later upgraded to being cognized as IS/ISO 9001:2008.

After setting up an idealistic forefront, we continued to be a leader in the number of pieces hallmarked till about year 2004. With the years of experience in the business of precious metals and a third generation of management in action, the year 2014, became revolutionary. We converted into a private limited company. However, the management remained the same.

Processing tonnes of gold/silver and embalming more than five million pieces of jewelry and still counting, at its Ahmedabad and Vadodara laboratories, we strived to incorporate various transformation within the company. Introducing many, now popular, initial modern practices of evaluation, we, at GGC, endeavored to fulfil a holistic customer satisfaction.

Zenith Of GGC
As soon as we were recognized as a Private Limited Company that is engaged in providing assaying and refining service for scrap gold and silver as well as manufacture gold/silver bars of 999.0 fineness on process charge basis, in the year 2014, our vision extended itself.

Under the same management, we continued to strive and achieve a winning status of being the one of the best known gold/silver refiners and bar producers in the bullion trade.


The domestic market of precious metal lacked the intermission of various latest technologies. Identifying and capitalizing on the same, we, at GGC, brought many of the initial modern practices such as refined 999 fine gold bars, instant XRF analyzer and the laser marking methodology of gold/silver jewelry as well as artefacts.

When it is something as precious as gold/silver, the demand of reliability increases. Hence, to make your trust stronger, our gold assaying (testing) laboratories, in Ahmedabad and Vadodara, were accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory (NABL) as per international standard ISO/IEC 17025 in November 2005. This made us, GGC, one of the first few Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approved Assaying and Hallmarking Centers in India, to get such an accreditation.

These Centers strictly adhere to the BIS Guidelines, along with the recent introduction of a parallel Indian Standard, IS 15820, based on ISO/IEC 17025. Moreover, one of them at its refinery division, is NABL accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025.

Stamping the honor to its pool of lauding, GGC’s refinery as well as both its Assaying & Hallmarking Centers are now Government approved as the Collection & Purity Verification Centre by the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.

Furthermore, through the use of advanced technology, the first company in India to be granted a license to collect, verify the purity and refine all the gold under the Government of India authorized, Gold Monetization Scheme. The scheme was launched with the objective to reduce the country’s reliance on refined Gold import and thereby, saving a substantial value of foreign exchange in the process.

Here, the provision of quality and integrity became of prime importance and overrode the cost factor at any given point of time. Precarious with the issuance of purity, we envisioned to reach the paramount of being synonymized with optimum. Hence, it found a permanent placement in the globally renowned, Dun & Bradstreet Database.