With GGC, we unveiling something more precious than gold- nature!
Established as the first private refinery in India to successfully operate an environment friendly gold refining and an electrolytic silver refining plant, it was developed with keeping in mind the availability of an indigenous technology that processes carat gold jewelry scrap to a minimum guaranteed purity of 99.90% gold.
As far sighted as we are, we believe that innovation holds the key to present something extraordinary. We equipped ourselves with a modern Aquaregia gold refining and an electrolytic silver refining machinery to the facility.
We distinguish the good from the bad at the level of melting so as to maintain homogeneity. Hence, all the items received for refining are liquefied separately in a section that is furnished with gas/induction furnace. One out of two samples are drawn from each of these lots to be given to the customer for verification by mutual consent. In case the need arises for a referee laboratory, the process of affirmation from other laboratories of an equivalent standard (Indian Government Mint or an NABL accredited laboratory) takes place.

Capacitated to refine approximately 125 kg/day of raw gold and 125 kg/day of raw silver to a minimum fineness of 999.0, the refined gold/silver is delivered back to the customer in the form of fine bars/coins.

Our facility is RBI notified and government approved, possessing a license from the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) to manufacture and stamp gold bars with 995.0/999.0 fineness and coins with 999.0 fineness. Currently, it is one of the nine such facilities in India, manufacturing serially numbered cast bars and supplying the same to the bullion market, as well.
Manufacture of Gold and Silver Bars and Coins
GGC is well equipped to manufacture Gold and Silver Bars both in cast as well as minted forms. It produces Gold bars and coins in various denomination from 1 Gm to 1000.
GGC also imports Gold Dore bars from Mining companies abroad under license from Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), New Delhi. It refines Dore bars and manufacturers Serially Number cast bars and supplies the same to bullion market after payment of appropriate Excise Duty on the same. BIS hallmarked (stamped) bars are invariably carrying Serial Numbers and BIS Hallmark on each bar to distinguish from normal production bars.